I have always had a passion for drawing and made many paintings and drawings at school and during my college years.


I have skilled myself when I started painting again in 2014, by studying work of various artists and practiced working with different techniques and materials. My studio is located in Amsterdam.

I'm fascinated by hard lines and forms in everyday objects and landscapes. Inspiration comes also by the results of experiment . I'm fascinated by how the shapes and structure of the cotton sports tape I work with are able to change. I'm always searching for coincidental outcomes by using different techniques and tools made out of everyday objects and bring them to the center of the work. It is interesting to take these materials out of their context and let them work together in the artwork. 

The tape has certain restrictions such as the width of the strips and the elastic yarn that is woven in to the cotton. I use these boundaries in my advantage. It gives me a clear framework and I am trying to find new directions within this framework constantly.

My work is a result of planning and coincidence, just like life itself. We make decisions without knowing the outcome. We all have to live within a given framework and search for the right course.

All works on this website are for sale, unless stated otherwise. Please don't hesitate to contact me via the contact form if you would like to have more information about a work. You can also contact me for a studio visit in Amsterdam. 


If you prefer to communicate via Instagram, please do send me a DM.

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