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I have skilled myself when I started painting again in 2014, by studying work of various artists and practiced working with different techniques and materials. I have always had a passion for drawing and made many paintings and drawings at school and during my college years.

I'm fascinated by hard lines and structures in everyday objects, buildings and landscapes. Inspiration comes also by the results of experiment . I'm fascinated by the proces of bringing different materials together.


I chose to embrace Kinesio tape as a basis to work with. Kinesio is a flexible tape used for sports injuries, yet I choose to apply the strips straight and not (yet) use its kinetic effect. I see the limitation of this material as a way to show how endless my possibilities are.

Due to the stretchiness of the material, the matte paint I apply to the tape can be slightly cracked. In this way I can vary endlessly with lines, rhythms and colour combinations. Although abstract, my work is sometimes also scenic. 


I work from a limitation that broadens my mind. Where a lot of similar abstract art often strives for perfection and excludes coincidence, I let the tape run its course to get a raw, porous and painterly effect. This is reinforced by found objects that I use to create patterns after painting the strips. Control and coincidence alternate.

Wouter Eelkman Rooda (1985, The Netherlands) 

Studio: Broedplaats ACTA, Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam

All works on this website are for sale, unless stated otherwise. Please don't hesitate to contact me via the contact form if you would like to have more information about a work. You can also contact me for a studio visit in Amsterdam. 


If you prefer to communicate via Instagram (@ateliereelkman), please do send me a DM.





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