My name is Wouter Eelkman Rooda. I live and work in Amsterdam and have been making art since my youth.

I have always had a passion for drawing and made many paintings and drawings during my education at school.

During my studies, I kept on drawing and got curious how it would be to paint with total freedom. I bought my first canvas and since then I have skilled myself by studying work of various artists and practiced working with different techniques and materials.

I'm fascinated by how the Dutch landscape is formed.

This is partly artificially organized and therefore a mix of straight and curved lines with land in between. I find it interesting to look at from above and I use my memory of the images for the compositions in my work. Sometimes with an idea beforehand and sometimes subconsciously.

I am also interested by the effect of experiment when using my main material, cotton tape. I'm fascinated how the shapes and structure of the tape are able to change by bending it or painting over it. I'm always searching for coincidental outcomes of using different techniques. I try to capture these results and bring them them to the for front of the work. 

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